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Sea transportation

Sea transportation plays a very significant role in the development of international trade relations. It is a beneficial cost-effective solution for heavy or bulky cargos which are not time sensitive. The popularity of this method still stands up due to the advantage of minimal restrictions on vessel carrying capacity in case of long-distance shipments. 

Naseem Atlas logistics offers variety of maritime transport services according to the weight, volume, dimensions, and nature of the goods, such as Full Container Load (FCL), Less than Container Load (LCL), Vessel Chartering, NVOCC etc. by cooperation with a wide network of reliable Partners.

By containing the required licenses and specialized team, we have earned our reputation to provide standard solutions in accordance with the updated terms and conditions in this field.



Air transportation

Air transportation is claimed to be the safest and fastest way to transport valuable and strategic cargos. Choosing this method is determined based on three main factors, volume and size, delivery time and the price according to the customer's demands.

Air services are highly effective for international trade as it ensures a prompt delivery to international customers, specifically cases in which cargo's shortage leads to the production line suspension or needs to be used and supplied immediately due to the good's deficiency in country.

By obtaining years of practical experience in this field, Naseem Atlas Logistics is now capable of integrated air transportation services including Air freight, Express service, Aircraft chartering etc.

Our cooperation with reliable partners, along with an extensive network of air carriers, has made it easier for us to manage air traffic challenges, delivery time and to handle costume clearance procedure in the most accurate way.




Special equipment

By gaining experience over a decade along with our highly-skilled experts, Naseem Atlas logistics is ready to provide a wide range of special equipment transportation services to industry activists. 
We offer optimal solutions that best suits your freight in projects of Super heavy cargoes, Refrigerators and Dangerous goods such as explosives, gases, flammable liquids, flammable objects, oxidizing agents, toxic substances, Radioactive materials, acids, miscellaneous hazardous substances.

In cases above maintaining safety and organizing processes such as stuffing, unstuffing, lashing and unlashing is an important issue.

By providing required equipment and machinery with the highest security and efficiency, along with selecting the best capacity for your supply chain needs, we are able to assist you from the very beginning step to the end as a reliable partner.



Cross stuffing

Cross stuffing is known to be a highly-effective method of sea transportation and an inseparable piece of logistics process puzzle. This method is utilized in two of following conditions:

  • There isn’t any direct shipping line from origin to destination.
  • Shipper wants the shipment to be delivered in a country other than the origin in case of sangtion.

In these cases, cargo is shipped by two different shipping lines, first from origin to a third country and from there to destination. Cargo will be transferred from the original container to another one in the second shipping line.

The cross-staff operation requires the most advanced equipment for unloading and loading process in order to maintain cargoes safety and to prevent them from being damaged, especially in cases of dealing with bulk or various size cargoes.

Naseem Atlas Logistics is now ready to offer the most reliable cross stuffing services. We make sure every aspect of cross-staff operation is efficiently managed from the beginning point until final destination.



Cross Trading

Cross-Trading is known as leading logistics facilitator for the commodity trading industry which benefits traders through the prompt execution of their transactions.

Naseem atlas logistics as an experienced trade intermediary in providing cross trade services such as transshipment, transfer of ownership etc. cooperates with you precious clients to analyze every aspects of different options and offer a wide range of cost-effective solution best fits your requirements.

We operate through a credible and extensive network of reliable partners and shipping agents positioned in key locations around the world to arrange your transportation process simple and smooth from anywhere in the world to your required final destination.




Customs clearance

Customs clearance is known to be a very crucial procedure to permit transported goods reach their destination through an authorized customs broker. This process involves the preparation and submission of documentation confirming that customs duties are paid.

procedures and conditions of obtaining the relevant licenses may be different in each country. In order to handle the customs clearance in the most appropriate way, you should have an insight on the legal custom requirements and government regulations, otherwise it may have an unwanted impact on your business practices and operating costs.

With our help you don’t need to worry about dealing with all those complicated formalities and declarations. We offer solutions that ensure considerable reductions to your duty and tax liability and make sure that both of your imported and exported goods will arrive to their final destination by the stipulated deadline.

By obtaining all the expertise in customs clearance field, Naseem Atlas Logistic is now prepared to help your cargoes cross borders smooth and quick with the best fit strategy for you.


Payment solution

Finding suitable financing solutions is a critical issue in international business contexts. Not paying enough attention to this area leads to inefficiency and irreparable losses.

Inadequate experience in this field and the inherent complexity arising from cross-border differences (including Political legal, exchange rate, …) creates many challenges for entrepreneurs active in this field.

Here are some of these challenges you might face in international scale: 
•    Risks of trading with foreigners 
•    Funding for the development of your business in transnational scale
•    Financial documents and guarantees
•    Currency transfer process
•    Terms of payment (cash in advance, open account (future payment), deposit (draft), letter of credit (LC))

By obtaining valuable expertise and knowledge in accordance with the latest financial studies in the world about diverse settlement solutions, Naseem Atlas Logistic is now ready to offer Several Financial Services and provide you with the most flexible terms of payment.




The most principal purpose of warehousing and inventory management is to provide a safe and efficient place for the goods. Ensuring the health and quality of the goods depends on choosing the right warehouse considering types of shipment and properties of stored goods.

These are effective key factors to select the most convenient warehouse:
•    type of product
•    specific temperature requirement
•    storage time
•    breakability
•    flammability 
•    Perishability
•    light sensitivity
•    the need for customs bonded warehouse

To provide a comprehensive chain of logistics services, Naseem Atlas Logistics is ready to supply and prepare the warehouses that best fits your demand whether at origin or destination.

Also by containing a professional software team, with the ability to design warehousing systems, We are able to offer unique solutions and efficient Laboring services to optimize your logistics flow and reduce inventory cost in accordance with the policy of your organization.



Digital solution

Today’s modern world, is no place for outdated methods. Therefore, to meet today's need for businesses, data should be reflected immediately. The key to fulfill this purpose is Creating the most efficient digital solution.

Digital solution provided by Naseem Atlas Logistics pull data from every sources involved in logistic process and consolidate it into a single platform, in order to help you make smarter decisions and optimize your system. No matter what the challenge is, our solution helps your businesses to increase operational efficiency and profit. 

By the offered possibility of seamlessly connecting to a wide network and monitoring each step of transportation process and warehouse management details, you can simplify the inherent complexity of these operational chains.

Here are our provided services:
•    Logistics ERP/BPMS
•    TMS
•    WMS

These are some of the privilege you gain by choosing our digital solution:
•    Inventory management visibility
•    Analytics, forecast and report
•    Reducing disruptions
•    increasing revenue
•    Decreasing costs 
•    Improved monitoring